Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Cramming for this Soc 202 midterm in a couple hours. It's especially tough when you have no idea what is actually going to be covered on the test.

Here's a trailer I came across on Complex for an 80s movie called Soul Man. I could write 1000 words and still not capture how hilariously not hilarious this move must be.

And I just remembered something else. See Food Inc. See it here. I won't tell all of you that you have to watch it, but, if you eat food, you should check out where your shit is coming from. The movie is obviously biased, but so was Amistad. Not to put processed food and the Atlantic Slave Trade on level ground; I'm just trying to say that our food is as much a product of the laboratory as it is the farm, and that's hard not to be biased about. We're eating crippled chickens and grab-bag ground beef! Props to Myriam for putting me on.

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