Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crazy Day, Crazier Video

No time for a full post today. Gotta couple meetings and some other business to tend to. Oh and classwork too I guess.

But boy did I find a gem over on The Smoking Section. They stay winning nowadays. I just got the copy of Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmusic I won from them in the mail yesterday, and they threw in some free stickers. This video right here though - this shit right here, nigga! - this is good stuff.

There are two things this Bubb Rubb lookalike failed to learn during the first 50-some odd years of his life: don't talk shit to Vietnam veterans b/c they, frankly, giveth no fucks, and, if you intend on fighting a grown man, don't push him. Swing first. Your boy failed to abide by both rules and ended up getting the speedbag treatment right there at his own bus stop. For shame.

Best line: "I see tough guys like you and I slap the shit out of 'em" - from the white guy who looks like a tougher version of The Dude.

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