Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/19/10

  • "Heat" The CDQ of Gibbs and Mikkey Halsted's Maja 7th-produced and FSD-sponsored track "On My Own" made it's way onto the innernets last night. This song is and has been a favorite of mine since August. It was my first assignment for Fake Shore *tear*. I stumbled into Soundscape Studio that night not knowing who Maja 7th was, having only heard one of Freddie's tracks, and meeting Andrew for the first time. Fred and Mikkey laid the track down that night and I remember just being in awe, for several reasons. Gibbs was the most productive blunt smoker I'd ever seen, Mikkey was in this zone and nobody could talk to him while he was writing, and I had 7th's sample loop stuck in my head for days afterward. That was 6 months ago though. Here's the finished product, and it's still a banger. Via FSD.
  • "Futsal"

    Or, in this case, Panna (aka Dutch street soccer). I found this over on TBL a couple days ago and forgot it was buried in my bookmarks. The abuser in this video is Kenan Rathinho, who's apparently the Mike Jordan of Dutch street soccer. Which makes him the Harold Miner of regular soccer I guess. Either way, this move is filthy. The backheel at the end is just icing on the cake. YouTube futsal/indoor soccer if you're bored too, these guys are unbelievable.
  • "Dorina" I hesistate to include people that I know personally in the Top 5, unless they do something like score 40 points in a quarter or something like that. It can just border on creepy a lot of times. I've got to make an exception today, though. Look at this as a Top 5 Lifetime Achievement Award of sorts. Dorina works in Medill's Office of Student Life and she's my favorite person at the J-school. She is easy to talk to, she's from Chicago, and she is a huge hip-hop head. As if I needed any more reasons to show up at Fisk on a weekly basis, she's also finer than fine wine. Just sayin.
  • "Pilsen" Last night I went down to the Museum of Mexican American Art for the 9th Annual Freedom To Marry Reception. It's in Pilsen. Long story short: Alex, Elizabeth and I went to cover the pro-gay marriage event for out journalism project. It was amazing, though. Everybody was passionate, nice, and open to helping us with our work. They were also partying hard; a bunch of people were tossed before 9 pm. Combine that with an amazing $6 taco dinner at Speedy's and I couldn't think of a better "work" night.
  • "Legacy of X"

    Legacy of X Promo from Dallas Wright on Vimeo.

    Come out to the Black House - 1914 Sheridan if you're slippin - tomorrow afternoon at 2 for the Legacy of X panel discussion and reception. Learn something about something on a Saturday. Professors and students will be discussing Malcolm's El-hajj Malik El-Shabazz's ideas on transnationality, Black nationalism, and how popular culture reflects many of this extraordinary man's philosophies. Props to Kellyn, PAC, McSA, and DST for putting on a dope event.

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