Monday, February 22, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/22/10

  • "Weather People" Fuck 'em. It blows my mind that somebody can be flat-out wrong on the only job responsibility they have, yet still keep that job. Imagine if your lawyer told you "Yeah, I think the judge and jury are definitely feeling the insanity plea", and then ended up getting your wannabe-crazy ass 3 consecutive life sentences with Fleece Johnson as your cellmate. He (sorry ladies) They wouldn't be a lawyer anymore! Maybe a public defender. Actually, definitely a public defender. So yeah, Tom Skilling, screw you. You probably were too busy choking on the other 8 inches we were supposed to get last night.
  • "Beckys"

    Congrats to the Beckys of Zeta Tau Alpha for winning the sorority division of the Sprite Step Off. Yes, the same Sprite Step Off seen here. And yes, the same Zeta Tau Alpha we know from up north - the winners are from Arkansas, though. Regardless, I dig it. They may not be a Black Greek organization, but if they were good enough, they were good enough. The AKAs from Indiana must have missed the flight down to the finals or something. When I first heard this news on Saturday, I immediately thought that ZTA had benefited from the Eminem effect - "White people doing what Black people normally do? They must be the best!". But, as you can see from the footage, these chicks could actually step. So good for them.
  • "Yams"

    You would think that pros would know better than to try and take a charge on a guy that's 6'10". Hurts my heart to see Jesus Shuttlesworth get poked on so hard. By somebody who turns hoes into housewives at that. Nene deserved his poster treatment, though. He knew he got there too late. Props Get Banged On.

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MiSS *KRiS said...

wow @ Zeta Tau Alpha. interesting.