Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/26/10

  • "B-Rock"

    Get 'em!! I didn't get to watch the healthcare discussion yesterday, and it looks like I missed out. I feel Barack's pain here. I can barely handle 3 people in my SafeRide telling me how to do my job. He has to hear millions of people every day tell him how to do his. A man can only take so much I guess. I'm just waiting for the day El Presidente goes all Dennis Green on us at the State of the Union Address. Props Bossip.
  • "Yams"

    Via TSS. This is easily a frontrunner for Dunk of the Year. Anywhere. The league, high school, the YMCA. Anywhere. This kid had his knees all the defender's face. You can see it start to break bad once Dwaun Anderson hits midcourt, and once he bangs on that poor young man in the black you can't help but look like this. Disregard the charge call too, that's BS.
  • "Canada" Their women's hockey team goes pretty hard. Not only do they win gold medals, they also have their afterparties on the ice. Forget a nightclub, they get it in still on skates. Coors Light and cigars and all. Props TBL.
  • "Fuckery" Snagged from the HuffPost's home page. Editors should really start correcting for more than just spelling errors.

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DSD said...

Johnny Mac just got diarrhea shat on.