Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/5/10

  • "Nick Schcolnik" I don't normally do individuals, but Nick didn't have a normal day yesterday. He hoops for Payton, my former HS, and he put on a show last night. Granted the guys lost to Kelly by 12, Nick still gets today's top spot. Your boy put up 51 yesterday, but here's the wildest part: HE SCORED 40 IN THE FOURTH QUARTER. 40 points. 4-0. I caught wind of this during FMO last night, and my first question was "what system were they playing on, XBOX or PS3?" The Facebook fans swore up and down that this actually happened in real life. Having played high school ball, I still couldn't believe it. See, in Chicago, they play 8-minute quarters. It's tough for a whole squad to put 40 up in a quarter, let alone one person. I wasn't there, but I have to imagine that he was just pulling it from 3 every rip and just went unconscious. Couldn't miss. He almost singlehandedly brought Payton back from 30 points down. *Update* I found a reenactment the highlights of the game. Nick's the tall, skinny guy with curly hair at the 3:00 mark.
  • "More Yams"

    In keeping with the basketball theme, here's the visuals of the baptism Dwayne Wade received from Cleveland's JJ Hickson last night. He used two hands just like his daddy taught him to. Gotta love it.
  • "Sunday" Vegas has the Colts at -4.5. So naturally I'm taking New Orleans by 6. I'm a huge Peyton Manning fan and it's hard to root against the black coach - even though he is a mute - but Indy beat the Bears in '06. I can't forgive that.
  • "Gibbs"

    No particular reason. Dude is just a beast. This isn't a freestyle, it's a song called "Crushin' Feelins". You can download it and a few others here. Via FSD.

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