Monday, February 8, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 2/8/10

  • "Smokee Robinson" Curren$y put out 2010's best mixtape to date last night. Cannon does his usual, DJ Khaled-esque song fucking-up, but great music can't be denied. Best of all, it's free. Click the picture for the DL.
  • "The Game" I only got to catch 3 quarters of it b/c I had to go to work at 8:30, but from what I saw - and then heard on the radio in the car - it was a helluva game. As a Bears fan, I didn't really give a fuck was torn over who to root for: The Colts have a Black coach but they beat the Bears in Super Bowl 41, and New Orleans could use as much good karma as possible but the Saints are in the NFC. By the time I'd made up my mind, Tracy Porter was off to the crib with that pick-6. Game over. I was considering betting against the asinine 4.5-point spread, and I regret not pulling the trigger. No way that game was gonna come down to a field goal. Best commercial? The Betty White x Snickers spot. "Oh c'mon man, you been ridin' me all day!"
  • "Playboy Tre"

    The Liquor Store Mascot is back. Never rent from Rent To Save. Lookahdisshit!!! Props 2DBz. And C Byrd for the reminder.
  • "Winter" With all this sun and all this not-snow, I was starting to forget it was still February. Snow tonight you say? 12 14 inches you say? Nice.
  • "Fuckery" In case any of you were still skeptical about whether or not the Tea Party Movement was racist like retro Disney movies, here's some pretty clear cut proof. At their "convention" over the weekend, Tom Tancredo, the opening speaker, said that President Obama was elected b/c we "do not have literacy tests before people can vote in this country." The quotation marks mean that this guy actually said this. In public. Presumably free of sarcasm. Or a wink. In case you weren't keeping score at home, the opening speaker at a convention that garnered major news coverage argued that the President was elected by niggas good-for-nothing, uneducated people who don't deserve the right to vote. This is 2010. Via Bossip.

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