Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm (Almost) Back

Still super busy with interviews and errands and trying to find a way to get to Toronto in March w/o being flat broke. So no full post again. I got some goodies though.

Mikkey Halsted's new tape dropped today. Best You nEver Heard. I spelled it right too so get off my back. Hit the pic for the download. Mikkey is a beast. Via FSD.
Some videos to pass the time:

A couple of pretty impressive yams from last night. In the league, Amare absolutely sons some rookie on Portland by the last name of Cunningham. One of the dunks of the year. On the amateur circuit, some kid named Trey Starks goes coast-to-coast (peep the cross early in the clip) and puts some poor future economics major on a poster. Props TBL.

And here's is Wiz Khalifa's video for "This Plane". Wiz makes some good music, but he is a funny lookin' dude. Props TSS.

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