Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Studying For Plant People Interaction, Then Hopefully Interacting With Some Plants

No time for a full post today. Plant People is kicking my ass. But here's some goodies for y'all:

The customary D-Wade yam on a miscellaneous backup power forward

A pretty funny Jeopardy answer. The question-makers at Jeopardy definitely had some fun with this one. Who didn't automatically think what this chick did? Props TBL.

My mom emailed me this morning with a header reading "I HAVE BEEN VINDICATED." She used to always ask us if we felt tremors at night, and we used to always give her that "maybe-you-should-take-one-less-Benadryl" look. Well, turns out NE Illinois is on some pretty active fault lines.

Some unreleased and new Lupe. Via FSD:

"What U Want"


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