Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Yam

If any of you follow Chicago high school basketball - and have for at least a few years - the name Mustapha Farrakhan may ring a bell. If you stalk the Minister Louis Farrakhan, Mustapha may sound familiar too. He's his grandson.

At any rate, NC State won't forget Mustapha's name anytime soon after this monster of a dunk last night. Farrakhan quickly jumped to #2 on the "Best Mustaphas Ever" list, right behind Mustafa from the Lion King. Dunking is impressive, but that lion would eat the shit outta Farrakhan.

Harvey stand up! Thornton stand up!


btrilogy said...
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btrilogy said...


damn, i was suppose to grow up and be 6'1 so i could dunk--i'm a measley 5'3..not the business.

DSD said...

Sweet jesus.