Monday, March 8, 2010

Back In The Day When I Was Young

After today's Social Problems final, I'll be coming back down to reality. I promise. Regular posts from here on out. Until then though, enjoy some throwback goodies courtesy of my little sis, Camille. I don't know how she got this on YouTube, but she did. She went way back in the vaults for this one. I think I was 5 when I shot this.

I know, I was pretty wet from distance as a youngster. That silky smooth left hand stroke plus those crazy ups pretty much spelled disaster for the rest of the under-6 AAU circuit. I was a problem on the carpet court back in the day. Now I understand why I topped out at 5'8". It just wouldn't have been fair if I ended up 6'3". Even nature knows when not to go too far.

You'll also notice that I was just as dominant a color commentator as I was a player. All while I'm kushing 12-foot jumpers, I'm schooling the audience on the ins and outs of the game. My tour de force: "Winning...a sort of triumph." 5 years old, y'all. Fuck with me.

I'm seriously contemplating doing a "15 Years Later" remix of this video. My spring break is getting busier by the day, but I'll probably still have some free time. If I can only find that fresh OG Bulls t-shirt again...

Props to Camille again. And my old man for sitting down and filming this. Parents are something else.

Bonus X-Mas Footage


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