Monday, March 1, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/1/10

  • "Fuckery"

    I had a dilemma on Friday night: go see Big Sean (again) at the Wild Hare, or go check out Wiz Khalifa at Abbey Pub. I went with Wiz, and I wasn't disappointed. Khalifa Man ripped his 45-minute set. BUT, there was no fuckery. Save for the AV club from some nearby high school spitting "This Plane" back word for word. That doesn't top the foolishness from the Wild Hare show, though. Some local cat - he goes by Capital Killa - politely took the mic from Sean mid-set and let errrrrrrrbody in the crowd know how he felt about them. Hustle Simmons, who I didn't know was a master at lucha libre, stepped in to clean up the mess. Props FSD.
  • "Nightmares" Peeped this new Christopher Kane tee over at High Snobiety. I don't know what possessed them to design a shirt is terrifying as this, but I do know that if I see anybody with it on in public I'm hitting a Usain Bolt in the other direction. This is the stuff that haunts dreams.
  • "XXL" They dropped the cover for their 2010 Freshmen Issue. The list has been out for a while, but it's good to finally see the cover. Glad to see Gibbs getting his due shine. And somebody shoulda tapped Da Jumayne on the shoulder and let him know that he had to give XV his spot back. Don't lead the poor guy on.
  • "Common Sense"

    I've been hoopin for a long time now, but nowhere near as long, as often, or as well as guys in the League. So I'm lost for words when I see cats step into the lane late and still try to block shots. Not even shots. DUNKS. I learned in 8th grade AAU that if you rotate over late, you'll probably get embarrassed. Richard Jefferson forgot that lesson. Props TBL.

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VicksTheGreat said...

this nigga hustle simmons body slammed my mans off the stage lol. i was actually supposed to go to that show too.....damn im mad i missed this nigga moment