Thursday, March 11, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 3//11/10

  • "Celebration"
I'm finally free. I don't have to sit in another classroom, do another assignment, or come within 100 feet of the god damn library until March 29th. I'm running on 4 hours of sleep after finishing up my final for Medill, but I don't even feel it. The sun is shining, and I get to be a bum for 3 weeks. That's all I need.

  • "Five Guys" Alex, Cody, Elizabeth and I celebrating getting through this hell of a quarter with a feast at the Five Guys by Loyola. If you haven't been to Five Guys, go. Now. If you're like me and are only satisfied by double bacon cheeseburgers, cajun fries, and multiple pop refills, you'll end up spending about $9. It's worth it though. Best burger you'll find anywhere near Evanston.
  • "Coresh" His new mixtape, Formal Introduction, dropped today. Rob Bates handled most of the production, and the tape benefits from it. If you don't know Dave Coresh, get familiar. Dude is a beast. He's got to be the best rapper out there...who shares a name with a mass murderer. Take that, Jim Jones.
  • "Devin The Dude" Suite #420's album cover surfaced on the web a couple days ago. It gets the official Top 5 seal of approval. Album drops on the holiday. Props TSS.

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