Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/16/10

  • "Devin The Dude"

    Gotta be the funniest man in rap. Here's his video for "What I Be On" via TSS. You probably need to be blowed in order to fully appreciate the comedy, but Devin is definitely killin the video game with this. Beats the hell outta watching some fake Illuminati-ass trash on MTV Jams.
  • "Fuckery" Found this gem over at TBL. Some fat really fat chick in Jersey has began her mission to become the world's fattest woman. Austin, son, what's good with your people? The massive missus has her eyes set on hitting 1000 lbs. 1000. That's as much as a mature bull weighs. Or two 500-pound canaries. According to the article, she drops $815 at the grocery store a week. The fuck? That's some people's rent. How she pays for the Dominick's runs is even better: this chick runs a website where "(the quotes mean that I'm not bullshitting) men pay to watch her consume fast food." No words...
  • "Adidas" Get your summer kicks game where it needs to be with these crispy OG Rod Lavers. The white and green ones flick too hard. Props High Snobiety.
  • "Cakes" It's no secret that Nicki Minaj is a thoroughbred. We know this. That knowledge probably can never fully prepare you for a real-life encounter with that legendary ass. Saw this picture over on Bossip and it gave me a hearty chuckle. A guffaw, if you will. Peep the two guys to the right. We've all made that face at some point in our lives. When you see a girl as blessed as that, instinct just kicks in. There needs to be a caption contest with this.


DSD said...

Their faces are too funny.

josh said...

I love Devin the Dude. And feelin the real talk about that weak ass Jay-Z shit.

Anonymous said...

you do know that minaj has butt implants.

btrilogy said...

in her n.minaj's own words: "thick thighs and chinky eyes"
ay, check out the latest minaj diss..actually best i've heard so far:


she really tryin to go in.