Thursday, March 18, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/18/10

  • "Tournament Time" Oh it's the most wonderful time of the year. Moms has some spaghetti and sweet potato pie on deck, and I'm not even halfway through my 12-game hoops binge. The best part? Tomorrow, I do it all over again.
  • "Chesticles"

    Peeped this over at The Smoking Section. Some actress named Marion Cotillard - who I know I've seen in some movie at some point during my life - stars in this commercial for "Forehead Tittaes". That spelling is correct. The best part has got to be hearing her pronouncing it. It's Tron-esque. Watch all the way through, too. Forehead Tittaes are an all-inclusive product.
  • "Heroes" Not the show. Not at all, b/c that show blows. I was perusing HMJ and came across possibly the most admirable man on Earth. I'm surprised he isn't from Chicago. The guy, formerly known as Fuck Censorship, has legally changed his name to Fuck The Drug War. This man needs a holiday. A parade. The keys to a city or six. Something. We celebrate people like Casimir Pulaski (Illinoisans, can anybody tell me what he did to get a holiday?) and Satan Christopher Columbus in this ass-backwards country, so why not? April 20th should henceforth be known as Fuck The Drug War Day, in honor of a truly great man. *Aside* How retarded is it that Facebook name change laws are more stringent than the name change laws in the real world?
  • "Yams"

    Booms. Posters. Whatever. Corey Brewer sonned Robin Lopez a couple days ago and Get Banged On found the clip.

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