Monday, March 29, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 3/29/10

  • "Sagging"

    Because there obviously aren't any other issues facing America's shorties nowadays, NY senator Eric Adams is picking up where General Larry Platt left off in the Battle of the Sagging Pants. "You can raise your level of respect if you raise your pants"? Don't people go to school to study advertising? That's the best we could do? Some senator comparing low-hanging Levi's to minstrel shows? That some grade-A, bonafide...
  • "Fuckery"

    When I was in grade school, I don't remember us ever having a school play. And it was a gifted school! Any other Lenart alums, am I right on this? I ran across this scene from somebody's grade school reprise of Scarface. Props 2Dbz, b/c this shit is gold. Nine year olds talking about coke? Hell yeah. "You son of a B! I'm leaving you, motherfudger." Whoever the theater teacher at this school is needs a raise. The end is probably the funniest shit I've ever seen.
  • "Yams"

    Joakim Noah is one of the few French people I'll admit I don't hate. Undoubtedly the second-most playerest player to ever come from France, right behind Pepe Le Pew. Props TBL.
  • "Slippasaurus" Michael Steele has been doing it - see "chairing the RNC" - but he is really on his fuck up game now. Not only is he being accused of spending party money, he's accused of making those GOP dollars rain at a lesbian bondage strip club. I apologize in advance, but nigga what? Why can't you spend your own singles at the titty bar like the rest of us? Man of the people my ass. The most shocking part of this story isn't even the fact that he went to a shake club; I can't hate on him for that, b/c I'm no hypocrite. I'm trying to imagine what a lesbian bondage strip club even looks like. What's wrong with just regular old titties? That's not good enough?
  • "Eva Mendes" Just because.

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