Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fuckery Before The Finals

Brittney Griner plays for Baylor University. She's been a YouTube star for years; she's been dunking in-game since she was 16. Well, don't foul Ms. Griner hard unless you want to deal with the reckoning. Last night during the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game, Griner took offense to getting hooked and stuck a right hook to the dome of her defender. She got ejected, of course, and probably will get suspended.

I can't figure out who the bigger goon is. Is it Griner for stealing off somebody on national TV, or is it the other chick for taking a punch from somebody who's 6'8" and eating that shit like it was nothing? I'd be on some Zab Judah if Griner blindsided me like that.

And now, on to some more literal fuckery. FAM U is the talk of the town these days after a tape of an orgy that allegedly went down on their campus with their students surfaced online. It's from a site called "Dare Dorm", which claims to have "100% real" footage of college kids boning each other. *Not going to link to the site here b/c Big Brother Google is watching. They're always watching.* I'm always skeptical of any porno that says it is 100% real; it's entertainment, and if you want to see what a "real" sex tape looks like then look at Paris Hilton's.

But after...uh....extensive scrutiny, I can't find any holes in Dare Dorm reasons not to believe that this tape isn't real. Dare Dorm claims to offer 10 grand to any group of people broke/freaky enough to make an orgy tape and submit it. They even have a legit consent release form.

I don't know why there is so much shock and outrage over the tape. It's not like Black people don't fuck too, and occasionally on film. These kids probably needed the money, and getting drunk and smashing each other is a relatively quick way to get said money.

So, I've got to ask. What would you do for $10,000?

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