Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Study Break

A man can only take so much talk about glycosides and pharmacology. Can't afford to take a long enough break for a full post though.

Went to traffic court - again - this morning. This time, I was actually guilty. I just had to contest it to give me another 35 days to stack my money up. I don't know where they come from, but there are some pretty dumb individuals that show up to traffic court. Some of the excuses from this morning: "I never saw the sign." "I was only there for 3 minutes...and 45 seconds." "It snowed the day before, so how could it be an emergency?" "I'm broke." The majority of them are senior citizens too. Not to be callous but, as annoying as they are, seeing dumb-ass old people is encouraging. Life can't be that tough if these simple-minded septuagenarians (fancy for old as hell) can make it this long. Makes me confident I can make it to 90 or 100.

I was almost run over by a cyclist this morning walking back from the civic center. For the second time in my 20 years of life. The first time happened back in like '95, and it was probably as much my fault as the other kid's. But this was a grown-ass man. Riding on the sidewalk. With a helmet on. At 10 in the morning. If your nuts have descended, get your pansy ass in the street. The fuck you wearing a helmet for on the sidewalk anyway? You're on a mountain bike in the Midwest, can you say overkill? I think your janky Huffy can handle some little uneven sidewalk.

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