Monday, April 12, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/12/10

  • "Hockey"

    The constant promise of somebody catching an ass whooping is both the reason why I love hockey and the reason why I could never play it. I can't imagine concentrating on a game while the option of knocking a dude clean out is available. But it makes for great TV. Evander Kane, (briefly) meet Matt Cooke. Props TBL.
  • "Lupe Fiasco"

    The word freestyle gets tossed around a lot in the rap world. To some, it's a verse written "free of style" that somebody can spit acapella or over a beat. To others, it's rhyming strictly off the dome; YouTube some rap battles and you'll get my drift. Seeing as 98% of the freestyles you hear are of the prior variety, it makes efforts like Lupe's near 10-minute session that much more impressive. Can we get a release date on Lasers, Wasulu my man? A mixtape? Props FSD.
  • "Beats" For all you rappers, wannabe rappers, and even you neverwillbe rappers out there, here's a new instrumental tape from Chicago beatsmith Sean G called The Next Logical Step. If you've ever listened to any of Madlib's beat collections, this may remind you of them. Really smooth production. And free too, that's the best part.

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