Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/14/10

  • "Kush x Orange Juice" Khalifa man finally dropped his new tape today (click the picture for the download). I'm kinda surprised at how heavy a buzz he has right now on the innernets. Actually, I'm not. Who doesn't like kush and/or orange juice? Safe to say that this will be on steady rotation for the rest of the week. Okaaaaaaay!
  • "Derrick Rose"

    The soon-to-be world's best point guard went for 39 and 7 last night to help get the Bulls a huge win against Boston. And he tossed in this absurd reverse rockaway yam just for the fuck of it. Yeah, that's a point guard.
  • "Premio" Releasing some super fresh Jordan 9s this Saturday on Nike Harajuku. These are ones that never see the concrete. Might melt it. Via Sneaker News.
  • "Good Grades" Get 'em, or else it might cost you. A lot.
  • "Insanity" As much as I love my city and the people that make it as great as it is, I can't ignore the mindblowing (and numbing) inhumanity that occurs almost on a daily basis in Chicago. It's really hard to rep a city where, 20 minutes from your house, a woman and 3 kids can wind up shot execution-style and nothing really gets done except for head-shaking and solemn internet comments. Every big city has crime problems, but Chicago has had a rough year so far and I have a bad feeling that it's only going to get worse.

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