Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/15/10

  • "Fireballs"

    Something remarkable happened last night in the skies above Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The video above isn't fake; that's indeed a giant flaming something flying through the air. According to the Tribune's "expert" on giant flaming somethings that fly through the air, it may have been a meteor from a comet discovered in the 1860s. That's pretty much just as good as calling it a flare from a UFO that caught a flat. We can't do any better than "may have possibly been a basketball-sized meteor"? As an aside, imagine seeing this in person high. Holy shit.
  • "Red Bull"

    Another video that's hard to believe is real. Some crazy gliders - apparently they're different from pilots? - and a likely coked-up skydiver pulled off one of the craziest things I've ever seen. I promise it's not a threesome. Skip to :40 or so to see for yourself. Props HuffPost.
  • "ASG" Congrats to Claire and Hiro on their runaway win in yesterday's elections. Being the risk junkie I am, I have an announcement to make. I'm giving Claire and Hiro the official Daily Top 5 post-election endorsement. No need to thank me now. I'll just wait for my...uh...contribution in the mail.
  • "Crooks" Just saw this AK-47 flash drive by Crooks & Castles. My immediate reaction was to cop, but then I caught the specs: 2 GB for $45, plus shipping. I'll pass. Props Hypebeast.
  • "Steph Curry"

    Probably my favorite player to watch that doesn't wear number 1 and play for the Bulls. Curry had 42, 9, and 8 last night during the last game of his damn fine rookie year. He's one of the few players I can remember who plays the same way in the league as he did in college. It looks like every play he runs is a broken play (and that might be the case considering the Warriors finished 26-56), but Curry is so skilled offensively that you never feel like he's lost control. Golden State would be, well, Golden State if they didn't build their team around him.

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