Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/5/10

  • "Toronto" Great city. Going to an engineering conference and not being an actual engineer affords you a lot of free time. So that plus some pretty nice weather meant a lot of solo dolo exploring for your boy. Streetcars, trains, walking. Toronto is pretty dope. A lot like Chicago: Great architecture, diverse citizens and businesses. But then nothing like Chicago: no Afghanistan-like death tolls, no billboards. I don't know why that stuck out to me. Anyway, any place where you can twist up and sip no questions asked is a well-run town, if you ask me
  • "America" I constantly say that, if I was to move to Canada, I'd move to Toronto. That's about as much a compliment for Toronto as "If I had to go to Hell, I definitely move to the fourth level" is for the underworld. If I've moved to Canada, something has either gone terribly wrong with my life or the U.S. You really don't realize how much you take things like Dollar Menus, free covers, and $3 gas for granted until you are without them. America. Fuck yeah.
  • "Butler" The Bulldogs are a 7.5-point underdog in tonight's Hoosiers remake national championship game. I really want to see them win. Not so much b/c I am a Butler fan - Max, if they win I'm on the Megabus back down tonight and tell Mr. Strange to save a spot on the couch to black out on - but b/c I hate Duke. I don't know why I hate Duke, so don't ask me. I got Butler by 4 to win the chip.
  • "Fuckery" Shouts to Terraia and Kyra for posting this on Facebook. This idiot of a kid in the middle of our nice little NSBE picture blacked out. It was about midnight when this was taken. Who passes out in a room full of strangers? I still regret not following instinct and robbing the kid. If you get black out drunk around a room of people you don't know, you deserve to get your pockets touched.

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VicksTheGreat said...

Yeah bro I wouldve went for the mikes.....they look about my size