Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/7/10

  • "Allergies" If you've got 'em, you may be feeling my pain. Every year around this time, growing grass and floating pollen pretty much have their way with me. Runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and that helium feeling in your head. Like somebody is blowing a balloon inside my skull. Claritin helps, but only about as much as a seeing eye dog helps Stevie Wonder. People still give me the look like "are you high and crying at 10:30 in the morning?".
  • "Fail"

    I didn't know they awarded penalty shots in futsol. Props to TBL for this pretty funny video of showboating gone wrong. For all the kiddies out there, regardless of sport, if you're gonna try a spin move, make sure you're actually moving.
  • "Franceso de Molfetta" I had no clue who this guy was until about an hour ago, when I came across his "New Idols" exhibition over on High Snobiety. Pretty interesting pieces, especially the Batman and Barbie obesity joints.
  • "Goons"

    A couple weeks ago, I went on my first real, stereotypical Spring Break trip. 80% of the people down on the Florida Panhandle look just like the busters in this video: bent-up hats cocked to the side, shirtless, likely screaming the word "brah" (or "br....", depending on the number of Jagerbombs they've done that morning). I can't blame the guy in this video for going all Tyler Durden. I'd feel like jawing a guy or two after a weekend with these fucks. Via Busted Coverage.
  • "Stacey Dash" I've been wanting to smash since before I was born. She needs to be donated to science so we can study her. Not when she dies, like tomorrow. No 44 year old should be that fine.


DJ Dow Jones said...

that looked just like the typical PC goon squad...haha I don't understand how dude watched his homie get snuffed, then watched himself get snuffed

DSD said...

Dude got DROPPED