Friday, April 9, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/9/10 (Fuckery Friday)

  • "2nd Place" *Sorry in advance to anybody who's been adopted. This story is ridiculous, so that's how I'm treating it.* I've never adopted a child, but, in my completely uninformed opinion, it's a lot like going to the grocery store. Except for the fact that you're buying children, who may or may not be on sale. So, if I went to the orphanage/whatever the politically correct term for the child store is nowadays to adopt, I'd expect that I had the ability to return my child if I wasn't satisfied with the purchase. I think Best Buy gives you like a month, that's enough time to figure out whether or not you've adopted a Bebe's Kid or Damien. Well, this exact, depraved, callous thinking is what led Torry-Ann Hansen to send her Russian foster child to the airport with a receipt one-way ticket back to the home country. No word on whether or not she was refunded yet.
  • "5th Place"

    As of now, the big homie Tiger is only 3 strokes off the lead down at Augusta. Makes me happy. Almost as happy as this Boondocks Bootleg parody of his borderline-creepy new Nike commercial. Props 2DBz.

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