Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/12/10

  • "Cannons"

    Peeped this crazy video of a miniature cannon over at TBL. I don't really have much else to say about it besides that. The awesomeness speaks for itself.
  • "Bad Nights" I've had my share of bad nights (see: Barcelona), but nothing as bad as Carlos Boozer had on Monday night. Not only did his Jazz get swept out of the playoffs on their home floor, he fouled out too. Then, as he left the stadium, the Lakers thought it would be funny to play chicken with Boozer's Escalade without telling Boozer they were playing chicken. That's a bad night. At least as bad a night as you can have when you make 8 figures.
  • "Comedy"

    Via The Weakest Name For A Site Ever Guyism, here's a list of the 10 best stand-up comedians ever. Of course, this list is fraudulent b/c Richard Pryor is not number 1. Whoever wrote this should be tarred and feathered. Also, how does Chris Rock not make this list? Steve Martin is nowhere near as funny, if you want my completely and utterly biased opinion.
  • "LeBron" Seeing as they got that ass waxed last night AT HOME last night, you might as well come to The Go, LeBron. *It'll never happen, but it's fun to dream.*

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