Friday, May 14, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/14/10

  • "Cleveland" Must be a dark day in Cleveland. Even though it's like 4:30. Still, from the sports reports coming out of LeBron City, you'd think an atomic bomb hit or something. Mike Brown will be fired by Memorial Day. Not so sure about LeBron, but if I had to bet I'd bet on him staying in Cleveland. Sure him and Derrick Rose dominating at the United Center would be cool, but Cleveland can win 60 games again next year. They give LeBron the best chance to win right now at this very moment, and I have to believe that is what matters most to him. All they need is a Rondo stopper. Pick up Thabo Sefalosha or somebody like that.
  • "Fuckery"

    Props to TBL for this, the funniest news clip in the history of journalism. A New Orleans news team was wrapping up a story on a new G-spot enhancement procedure (I know), when the male anchor, Mike Hill, failed magnificently while trying to wrap the story up. I can't even ruin it for you, just watch.
  • "Law & Order" Everybody's favorite detective show got the axe today. NBC says the finale will air on May 24. Insert "Dum Dum" sound.
  • "Original Fake" Peep these guaranteed-expensive (anybody know many dollars 10,000 Japanese Yen is?) Original Fake x Bicycle playing cards. I could give a damn about the back of my cards, but these go hard nonetheless. Props HypeBeast.


sam said...

DAMN! 10,000Y for the KawsXBicycle cards. roughly $110 USD for a 3.00 pack of cards. Straight robbery.

Dallas Wright said...

yeah thats OD. I knew it was gonna be bad as soon as I saw the Xs