Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/17/10

  • "Battle of the Bands" Congrats to Looney and the Tunes, Ken Ross and his band, and everybody else who rocked Battle of the Bands over the weekend. Looney x The Tunes x Dillo Day is gonna be an experience.
  • "Collapses" I was going to say 'choking', but I've been on the diamond for a huge comeback and it can be crushing. Thank god I was on the fun, winning side of the collapse, though. The NU baseball team wasn't so lucky yesterday, giving up a 14-0 lead to Michigan on their way to a 15-14 loss. And yes, they were playing baseball. It's almost inconceivable, losing a lead that big during a baseball game. Everything has to go wrong for you while, simultaneously, everything has to go right for your opponents. Hopefully the guys can recover and stay above .500
  • "P-Funk" First and foremost, props to my old man for subliminally putting me on to the genre since I was a youngster. There are still old Parliament-Funkadelic LPs laying around our basement. If you don't listen to p-funk, funk, or anything else of the sort, you need to get your music game up. There'd be pretty much nothing for hip-hop to sample if not for p-funk. Plus, how can you top a name like The Ohio Players?
  • "Delonte West" There's a rumor floating around that Mr. West has been staining LeBron's mom, explaining why LeBron was playing so poorly in Games 4-6 of the East Finals. As absurd as this sounds - this is like Goebbels banging Hitler's mom right before Stalingrad - it could've happened. A role player piping your mother down and everybody finding out about it isn't the easiest thing to play through. I only need one more piece of evidence to believe this story: LeBron has to break Delonte's back Bolo-style during the offseason.

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