Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/19/10

  • "Tila Tequila" Props to Adeze for forcing me to read the Smoking Section x Tila Tequila interview yesterday. Tila raps with David Dennis about her...uh...shit, what's the word...not budding....oh, yeah....imaginary music career. The highlight of the whole sitdown has to be when David asks her to give him the hottest verse on her album. Listen for yourself. "Bitch, slap on the extra makeup. I'll be on the grind tryna get my ca...get my cake up."
  • "Creative Control"

    And people ask me why I want to go on my JR with these cats. Props 2DBz.
  • "Shannon Brown"

    This happened on Monday night, but it's still post-worthy. As a former dunk champion, you'd think Jason Richardson would know better than to try to take a charge right in front of the hole. Especially with Shannon Brown taking off right in front of him. This missed dunk is better than 90% of the made ones from this year. Imagine if he put it down. The game would've had to stop and Richardson would've been escorted to the locker room. No coming back from that.
  • "Peripheral Vision"

    Watch out!

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