Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/20/10

  • "Fuckery...Serious Fuckery"

    I'm tempted to call this NSFW. Not b/c of any nudity or anything, but just YouTube "daggering" and you'll understand. Above is probably the funniest, wildest, most ashamed-grandmother-head-shakingly ratchet video I may have ever seen. Major Lazer, which consists of DJs Diplo and Switch, goes hand in hand with daggering. They've been so kind to provide all you novices out there with a tutorial on the fine art. Ladies, you'll probably have an easier time getting your part down. Props (I guess) 2DBz.
  • "Gift Raps" That's the name of the new Chuck Inglish x Chip Tha Ripper project that, according to Chuck, all got laid down in 6 days. Normally, I'd be skeptical about an album that was made in less than a week. But, Chuck is a monster on the boards. And we already know what Chip is gonna be rapping about - sluts, weed, weed, weed. Sounds like a success if I've ever heard one. Props Andrew.
  • "Nelly" So the rumors are true after all. STL's most famous entertainer - I'll let you formulate your own opinions of what that says about the city of St. Louis - is headlining Dillo Day. Although it is in fact 2010 and not 2000, I'm still a little excited. Now, instead of only singing the hook to "Pimp Juice" after a healthy dose of medicine, I can get my 5th grade on in public. Mayfest says they brought him "because he is an awesome rapper". Not sure about all that, but you've got to have something going for you if you go 8x platinum with a Band-Aid on your fucking face.
  • "Responses"

    Drake - 9am In Dallas Freestyle by dallaswright921

    Here's a "freestyle" from Wheelchair Jimmy talking about how much money he makes and how his critics should stop being critics. Props TSS. *As an aside, can we stop with the "Free [insert guilty rapper]"? Please? Wayne, Gucci, TI, C-Murder, etc. These dudes either pleaded guilty or provided so much incriminating evidence that the judge told the jury to just stay home. Might as well say "Free Charles Manson". Different crime, just as guilty.
  • "Tragedy" I saved this for last just because it's tough to follow something like this with Major Lazer. RIP to Thomas Wortham and support to his family after he was shot and killed in front of his parents' home on 85th and King Drive last night. Dude was CPD and just got back from his second tour in Iraq. Damn. All he was doing was showing his family the new motorcycle he bought, and four cowards ran up on him. His father, the elder Thomas, did all he could to save his son. All he could. All he could as in coming outta the crib with double pistols and feeding two of the scumbags their daily requirement of lead. As an ex-cop, he was allowed to own the weapons and won't be charged with anything. But his son is gone. Over a motorcycle. My city...

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