Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/24/10

  • "Habitual Line Steppers" Fast food restaurants are second only to Rick James in this category. Every year, there's a limited-edition dish that has customers curious and health professionals mad. In 2010, we've been lucky enough to have 2 such instances: the epically gaudy KFC Double Down, and now come Burger King's Fire Grilled Ribs. If you think I'm bullshitting, take a walk down to Clark Street today and see for yourself. Little tiny ribs - bones and all - with dipping sauce. At Burger King. There are two possibilities here, because this has turned the rib game upside down. Either BK has genetically engineered miniature cows specifically for their mini rib meat, which is probably the coolest shit ever. Or, BK has figured out how to totally eliminate the cow from the rib-making process and mass produce millions of identical ribs, which is probably the most diabolical shit ever.
  • "Parenting"

    Props to Adeze for showing me this video of her nephew being borderline tormented by his parents trying to quench his thirst via iPad. Brandon here is probably the most patient infant in the country. I'm 20, and I would've given that Apple water like 3 tries before I chalked it up as a loss and headed to the tap.
  • "Auditions" Peep Vanessa's friend Charly Arnolt. She's hoping to get on as a field reporter for Nike, and she's pretty talented. Really talented. Check out her video here, and leave a nice rating. DC never fails to remind me why I should've taken Howard's offer.

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