Monday, May 3, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/3/10

  • "Kobe"
    The LA Times Magazine did a spread on Kobe last week, and all I can say is: what the f*ck!? C'mon Kobe. Man, you can't let them do you like this. You got 4 rings man. 4. Put those 4 rings on and punch the jackass photo director who did this to you in the face. I understand that you lived in Italy as a child. This is 'Mericuh though. We don't wear all-white fits here. Unless you're Darrius Doss.
  • "Criminals" Success often requires intelligence, and that applies to criminals as well. About 170 not-so-intelligent criminals learned that lesson the hard way after Cook County launched Operation Talon. Why do operations always have such dumb-ass names? These are grown people, and yet it sounds like they are trying to steal bald eagles from the zoo. Anyways, these idiot fugitives got caught b/c they were on federal aid. Which is pretty much like robbing your boss at work, and then signing up to receive your bonus. Props Tribune.
  • "Shine"

    Freddie Gibbs is finally starting to get the major shine he shoulda been getting years ago. Props to Drew and Brandon 'N2ition' Riley for the preview of Freddie's newest video, "The Ghetto". It hits MTV on May 7th so watch out for it. Str8 Killa No Filla coming soon as well........damn, Gary is no joke. Did anybody understand what your boy said at the end of the video?
  • "The Boondocks"

    All is right with the universe now that The Boondocks is back. FoHo was packed like it was back during fall quarter and it was good to see people excited about the show. Props to WSHH for the full episode rip in case you missed it. No lie, "Dick Riding Obama" is my new ringtone.
  • "Clae" I had $30 in credit on Jack Threads, so when I saw these amber/gum Clae's on sale for the low I had to scoop 'em up. Can't let $25 shoes pass by uncopped.

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sam said...

Maybe Gibbs can make the sun shine in Gary, IN.