Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rock The Bells 2010

My favorite music festival announced its 2010 lineup yesterday. As usual, Rock The Bells won't disappoint. We've got:
Obviously, getting to see Slick Rick and the Wu perform their finest work is worth the $40 or so the tickets cost. Toss in Clipse, Wiz (who is a much better live performer than you'd expect), and Brother Ali and I'm set. Yelawolf would be dope too. I'm nitpicking now - mostly b/c I saw Rakim, Murs, Tech, and Supernatural at Rock The Bells 2008 - but I know I'll be head-nodding for the whole 12 hours...

...if I can find a bus ticket out to DC. For some reason, Guerilla Union has only set up 4 stops on this year's Rock The Bells tour schedule. 2 Cali stops, an NYC show, and the finale in the District. This is a bigger blow to Chicago than losing the 2016 Olympics. Now I'll be scouring Megabus and Greyhound for the next month and looking for a couch to crash on in the DMV on August 29th.

Worth the sacrifice.


DSD said...

Didn't Slick Rick get deported

Dallas Wright said...

nah that blind dude running the state of NY gave him a full pardon