Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/15/10

  • "Rap" Whether you hate Drake, love Drake, or just don't give a damn, today is the start of a big week in rap. Let's get a couple of things out of the way: Thank Me Later is gonna do numbers. Serious ones. I'm gonna say by year's end that it'll have sold 1.5 million copies. Thank Me Later is also just an okay album. Too many (lackluster) features - looking at you Jay and Wayne - and not enough of the wordplay that had everybody climaxing to So Far Gone. "You Know, You Know" should've made the album, and "Find Your Love" should've never been recorded. And Nicky Minaj is on the album doing her Foxy Brown impression again. All bad things. It'll be interesting to see how Drake's place in music changes, say, in 2 months. People will still hate him and love him, both unconditionally. But if people like J. Cole, Big Boi, Kanye, and even Wayne put out superior projects, it's gonna be interesting to see if Aubrey is labeled a flop. *Aside* The Grammys suck dick, we know this, but there's no way this album deserves a Grammy nod. I'm breaking the Unabomber outta Supermax if it does.
  • "Brazil"

    Wanted to see them badly after all the talk about how Dunga shafted Ronaldinho (II) and transformed the purveyors of El Joga Bonito into a robotic, defensive juggernaut. That sentence sounded pretty good. Anyway, Brazil beat a North Korea team they should have 2-1 this afternoon. Maicon had a retarded tough goal at the start of the second half. The Korean keeper has gotta make that save. Only one way that ball gets to the net, and he left it open. I still got racist-ass Spain taking the Cup.
  • "Jackthreads" Pretty good sunglasses sale going on over there right now. Cop if you're a member. If not, hit this link and join the community. You'll be glad you did.
  • "Gucci" I refuse to buy an iPad until it has a camera, runs Flash, and costs less than a month's rent. But, if extraordinarily player accoutrements like these Gucci cases keep popping up, I'll be the freshest hypocrite you know. Props Hypebeast.
  • "15 Minutes" Recognize that face? Pretty cool to know somebody who modeled for DURKL.


Dominique Bellamy said...

Who is that modeling the sunglasses?

Logan said...

Pitchfork really gave TML an 8/10? That's absurd.

He should have just thrown "9 a.m. in Dallas" and "July" onto the album as well. I'm underwhelmed, so underwhelmed.

Dallas Wright said...

@Logan ditto

@Domo a friend from NU named Ryan

BreukelensFinest said...

OMG that IS Ryan! Thats brazy