Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/16/10

  • "Fuckery"

    You may have run into the mini-controversy surrounding the Seattle cop who stole off a chick recently. Hit the :20 mark to see it all break bad. I'm not one to advocate for police brutality or beating chicks up, but the lady in pink gave the cop a pretty good excuse to hit her with a clean right cross. I've never been cuffed...I'll wait for applause...thank you...but if an armed cop (especially CPD) was arresting me for some bullshit offense, I'd just talk my shit and wait for the lieutenants and judges my family knows to fix the situation. Never hit a cop. She's lucky she didn't get tazed. People get it for lesser offenses. Nobody was right in this situation, but these 2 chicks won't be winning the inevitable lawsuits they'll be filing. You can't hit a cop and win. Period. *Aside* How awesome would it have been if he hit her with a Stone Cold Stunner?
  • "PHLI"

    That grand re-opening I was so geeked about? I missed it. I still plan on getting down there a couple times this summer, though. Props to Andrew for the visuals.
  • "Game 6"

    If you missed it, this play pretty much sums up the whole game. I could give a damn who wins the series, I'm just glad it's going to Game 7. If I have to bet, I'm going with Kobe.
  • "Rihanna" Must I have a reason?

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