Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/21/10

  • "Ty Lawson" Dude had a much better rookie year than I expected he'd have. Especially on a team as (allegedly) stacked as the Nuggets. Nothing he did on the court tops this tweet from over the weekend, though. He has a point. Although, Kim, I can guarantee I got you for more than 17. Props TBL.
  • "J. Cole"

    He really needs to lose the 'Young Simba' moniker, but here go the visuals for Jermaine's first major label single. Whenever I ask why dudes sign record deals, big-budget videos always remind me. Weed money can only go so far. Video gets 7/10. Doesn't do the song justice...
  • "The Legendary Roots Crew"

    ...but this video for 'Dear God 2.0' does live up to the audio. How I Got Over drops tomorrow (free stream here), and you better buy it. From the leaks I've heard, this is the album of the year. Support good music.
  • "Everest College"

    We've all seen the Everest College commercials telling us to get up off our lazy, colored asses, put down the remote and the Bagel Bites, and get our quick and easy degree at Everest College. And then, of course, we've all laughed at the paid actors learning criminology in ties and khakis because we really know that Everest College students probably see their parole officers more often than their professors. All that said, this spoof from The Smoking Section wins like no other. Phalicia Keys still has me rollin after 4 replays.

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