Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/22/10

  • "Recovery" I'm writing this literally as I stream the album, so these are initial impressions. I read the Tribune today and there was a review of Marshall's latest in it. Long story short, the album was rated as just average. I normally don't give much credence to critics' write-ups b/c critics are just journalists that don't have to hide their opinions behind "according to" and "anonymous sources", but some of the points Greg Weiss made are pretty solid. Foremost is the fact that Em used to be the guy that said fuck the trend, which is part of the reason he blew up. He made fun of the artists you were calling your local radio station to request. The lyricism is still there, but the wannabe-epic soundscapes from the likes of Boi-1da and Jim Jonsin overshadow it. Not sure why, but Eminem has actually forgot about Dre. Why is the doctor only on one track? Fuck a Boi-1da. Nostalgia distorts our opinions of everything, but I desperately miss the Eminem from 1998-2003. Recovery does nothing to fix that. 7/10.
  • "Amber Rose" I've never really wished for a girl as fine as she is bald, but Amber Rose would've answered those prayers if I made em. Or if I prayed. Lawdhammercy. Props Bossip.
  • "America" I haven't read the entire testimony from that guy who tried to blow up Times Square, but I'm almost positive one of the last straws for him was this sandwich. Behold Friendly's Grilled Cheese Burger Melt. More impressive than cramming three separate foods into one product name, the good people at Friendly's have upped the artery-clogging ante. Not only do you get a juicy burger (no Jules Winnfield), you get a juicy burger sandwiched between two grilled cheeses. I would give y'all the nutritional info, but I might as well do a post on the vitamin contents of black tar heroin. Props TBL.
  • "Cannabis Cup" I'm not sure if the launch of the Grilled Cheese Burger Melt and the annual Cannabis Cup happening at the same time was a coincidence or not, but who cares. The Cup is always a joyous occasion, but this year was extra special. It was the first Cannabis Cup in the United States, and San Francisco hosted. Progress. Props HMJ.
  • "Flocka"

    Everybody's favorite fake drug dealer had an interesting weekend. After doing a show - which I'm assuming consisted of "Oh Let's Do It" six times with varying hooks ("Ohlehdewit", "Ohlesduit", "Oh....ledeuxet" for the Frenchies) - Waka collected his 10 grand and hit the tour bus to count his paper. Because that's literally all he got. Paper. I didn't know Parker Brothers booked rap shows, but I guess they do b/c Waka got a band full of phony $100s. Complete with Abe Lincoln watermark portrait, instead of Ben Frank's. Who besides real drug dealers is still getting paid in cash anyways? It's 2010.


DSD said...

I'd give it a 6/10. I was listening to it in the car a few times and every song has that like... 1998 disaster movie orchestra/choir feel to it. Its just corny. I think "The Way I Am" and "Hailie's Song" were both pretty serious and they still sounded good. I understand he's not going through the same shit anymore, but goddamn...

And lmfao @ Flocka.

Dallas Wright said...

haha yea i just cant get with it. i tried to listen again tonight and im still not feelin it. the way ppl were talkin about it i thought it was gonna be album of the year too