Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/23/10

  • "Black Milk"

    I decided to throw on Black's debut LP - Popular Demand - this morning on the way to the dentist, and I ended up going through it thrice. And I meant to say thrice. I listened to it three times in a row. If you don't know Black Milk, smarten up because dude is making some of the best rap out there and has been since 2008. Here's Tronic too while I'm at it. Gotta be the most underrated producer in the biz.
  • "The Dentist" I've been pretty lucky when it comes to my teeth. Never had braces, never had a cavity, never chipped one. Still, I hate going to the dentist. They have a different definition of "clean" than I do apparently. Theirs involves more soreness and not eating than my conception of the word. It could always be worse, though. I get to have a pretty lady dentist scrape my teeth and gums and tell me how nice my teeth look. I could have this guy. Shouts to Dr. Maria. I'll taste your fluoride any day.
  • "US Soccer"

    I was lucky enough to catch the 2nd half of the real Yankees' group-clinching win this morning. Great match. That's all I got b/c I watch soccer maybe once a month outside of World Cup play.
  • "Obama" Barack semi-made up for pussying out on the BP fiasco today by handing Army General Stan McChrystal his walking papers. Black people everywhere are approvingly nodding their heads in unison, comforted that our Prez handled the Brutus in his crew. McChrystal got officially fired for "insubordination", but Black folks all know the deal. Dude got fired for talkin shit. Barack is trill real man, I've been trying to tell you. A Black man may not know how to handle a massive oil spill, but every Black man knows how to handle somebody talkin shit. Get' em, Mr. President.
  • "Nike SB" Here goes the Pine Green colorway of the SB Zoom Stefan Janoski's. They're available to cop for all 3 of my Euro readers out there. Or anybody who likes spending their dollars overseas to see how shitty they are. Stateside drop is imminent. Props Hypebeast. Got damn these are fresh.

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