Friday, July 16, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/16/10

  • "Pitchfork" If I'd gotten paid earlier, I woulda copped my $40 ticket for Saturday's lineup. Gibbs and Raekwon? Yes and please. Pitchfork > Lolla. Half the price for better music and less of this.
  • "Fuckery"

    This is the funniest LeBron video you'll ever see. Props TBL.
  • "Lupe" It's hard to hate on dude. He's a top-5 lyricist and both of his studio albums are absurdly good. Pretty much, unless Lupe is your favorite rapper, Lupe's better than your favorite rapper. This is why I wish he would stick to rapping. The Cool dropped damn near three years ago and, aside from some leaks and the Enemy of the State tape, Wasulu Jaco has been pretty M.I.A. Maybe the 3-mixtapes-a-year formula that's the norm nowadays has spoiled me, but I really need Lupe to get back to rapping. I haven't heard any of the album his new punk/rock/electronica band "Japanese Cartoon" released (for free). But, that's because I'm just not interested.
  • "DeMarcus Cousins" I understand the fact that a lot of athletes fuck up. I get that. If I had hundreds of millions of dollars to pay giants to toss a ball or swing a bat, "character issues" would be pretty low on my list of concerns. A lot lower than, say, talent. Every time you draft a player, you take a risk: whether or not he actually sucks, whether or not he is a crybaby, whether or not he'll actually come play for you. DeMarcus can play basketball. Very well. We saw this on a weekly basis last year on ESPN while he treated the best big men in college basketball like 6th-graders. I don't understand how 3 teams passed on him b/c of potential "character issues". I'd much rather have a hard-headed All-Star than a role-model Darko Milicic.