Monday, July 12, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/12/10

  • "Mikey Rocks" I know a lot of you out there are Cool Kids fans - some more than others - so here go two new tracks from Mike: "The Sunshine" and "Bahamas". Inglish isn't on the boards, but The Produktionix put up a valiant effort in his place. I'd say that their beats are better than their name, but that isn't much of an accomplishment at all. Props to Andrew.
  • "Mel Gibson" If you haven't heard by now, dude is crazy. Not like the Ol' Dirty Bastard-type "psssh, man you so crazy" crazy. Mel is batshit crazy. Straight up and down. Hit the picture to hear Braveheart warning his lady that she'll get "raped by a pack of niggers" if she keeps dressing like a jezebel. Hit this link to hear him continue on. Props Radar Online. And Mel Gibson's crazy, racist ass.
  • "Fuckery" There's been a lot of it going on since LeBron said he was going to Miami to be D-Wade's Mini-Me. First, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert writes LeBron an angry break-up letter, complete with colorful text and a hex. Not to be outdone, fellow megalomaniac Jesse Jackson - why is Jesse not retired yet? - pounced on the opportunity to call a white man out for being a dumbass. Unfortunately, Jesse fucked it up. Big time. He called Gilbert an angry slaveowner and LeBron a runaway slave. Damn, Jesse. You coulda called Gilbert a sissified 7th-grade girl or a bitter leech. Either woulda been both accurate and hilarious, especially coming from your wrinkled mouth. Instead you stuck race into it. I'm usually down with injecting race into things, it needs to be done more often. But not this time. If LeBron was white, blue, or green, Gilbert would've still written the letter. Cleveland and Gilbert are mad b/c LeBron made a spectacle of their embarrassment. If he'd left professionally, there's no way that letter gets released. Brett Favre got hammered by Green Bay after he snaked them, LeBron deserves the same. SMH, if Jesse could just keep his mouth shut more often like his son, maybe he'da won an election.
  • "Haiti" Remember them? Well, it's been 6 months since an earthquake turned the tiny nation (even more so) on its ear. It was nice to see all the promises and pledges during the following week; Haiti hasn't gotten that much attention from white people since 1793. The UN promised a $5.3 billion rebuilding effort for the island over the next 18 months. Wanna know how much as been actually paid? 2%. That's still $106 million, but we're a quarter of the way through the UN's so-called plan. 2% paid and we're a quarter of the way through. Disgusting. The US pledged much money (word to Buggin' Out) for search-and-rescue assistance. As of today, we've paid roughly $0. No word on whether a couple nickels fell out of Barack's pocket while he got back on Air Force One after his disaster tour. We've paid prison group GEO more money than we have the actual nation of Haiti. Shit, the government paid me more on my refund check than they did Haiti. France pledged $180 million. Haiti hasn't seen a dime. It's sad, but I can't say I'm surprised. It looks good on TV and in the papers to try and help Black people in distress, but when it comes down to it, Haitian pockets are still empty. Much props HuffPost.

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