Monday, July 19, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/19/10

  • "Inception"

    Every soul I talked to over the weekend seemed to have seen DiCaprio and Chris Nolan's latest flick. And, if everybody is right, Inception, is the greatest thing to happen to movie theaters since Sour Patch Kids. I've yet to see it, but I doubt I'll be able to say that this time next week. Hard to argue with recommendations like, "Moses parted the Red Sea in order to make the midnight showing of Inception".
  • "Fuckery" The relationship between police and citizenry is a complicated one. In a perfect world, a reasonable amount of order would be rationally kept by those entrusted with our protection and this order would be achieved with as little infringement on the people's freedom as possible. In our world though, there are cops who would give their life for any citizen and cops who'd handcuff innocent men to radiator while beating a confession out of them. To be fair, there are citizens who recognize the impossible job a big city police force has and give them the respect vigilant servants of just law deserve, and then there are citizens who'd rob and kill a 20-year veteran officer in front of his own home. I'm not going to speak on anything here but what is clear cut: murder is wrong. Period. Whether it be a police officer or not. You may dislike the police because they yelled at you once when you got caught blowing a joint at the park when you were 15, but if you can feel anything but disgust at the death of an off-duty cop not doing anything crooked, you're pretty much a fucked up person.
  • "Mike"

    I'm starting to understand why people hate journalists so much. Which is weird, b/c I'm essentially deep-end diving myself into debt chasing a degree in something that people hate. Besides the point, though. Mike was playing golf over the weekend - and probably doing all the other things multimillion-dollar global icons do on their days off - when a reporter asked him his opinion on this month's LeBracle. Mike kept it all the way 100, as he's been known to do, and said that he would've never decided to join forces with Bird and Magic. He would rather beat them. Now, of course, every news and sports outlet is pushing the "MJ Shits On LeBuster" angle. Mike didn't say, "LeBron is a pussy and he needs to give me my number back." All he said was what we all already knew. Mike is a competitor above all else. LeBron? LeBron's something else.
  • "Shyne" XXL must've really needed to sell well for their August issue, b/c I can't think of any other reason why Shyne is gracing the cover. Dude's been out of jail for a couple months now, and he's showed us that 10 years of quiet time didn't make him a better rapper. The only question I want asked is what the hell is up with the new voice. And Shyne can't leave until I get the truth. Unless he pulls out a strap, then I'm dippin out right behind Diddy.


DSD said...

Shyne used to be the shit. He was one of my favorite rappers. [The Life] and Niggas Gon Die are prolly my favorites after Bad Boys.

I don't know who the fuck this new dude is though. Sound like Rick Ross's mom and Chip the Ripper's dad had a kid n then slapped him in the head w/ a brick.

BreukelensFinest said...

so sad about the police officer. and so close to retirement. a damn shame...