Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/20/10

  • "Chelsea Baker"

    Caught her E:60 documentary while I ate dinner tonight. Chelsea's a 13-year-old Florida Little League pitcher considered to be one of the best players her age in the nation. You don't get extra points for having two X chromosomes either. She can just flat out pitch. Joe Niekro taught her how to throw a knuckleball, so now she can decimate teenage boys' self-esteem on the field as well as off it.
  • "Free Music" The only thing better than free music is free live music. I really wish this show was two months from now so I could go. For all you 21+ types out there, text XXL to 313131 to get the lowdown on a free Clipse x Twista show next Thursday. Props Andrew.
  • "Fuckery" Clive Worth, like the rest of us, has a Facebook. While he may be 60, he's the most talented Facebook user on Earth. Zuckerberg's army has kicked Clive off the site 4 times already, reacting to complaints that he's "only in it for sex". Look, I see that face you're putting on right now. Stop with the bullshit. Clive beat the system - and the guts - 1,500 times and he's being punished for it. He's just doing what every guy "looking for friendship/networking/a relationship/fun" is trying to do on Facebook: take advantage of another opportunity to mack down chicks. Props HuffPost.
  • "Empathy" A Wisconsin man got arrested over the weekend for letting off a grip of shotgun blasts at his parents' crib. But oh boy does the story get better. Because he lives in Wisconsin and there is obviously nothing else more fun to do on a Friday night, dude took some acid and went to chill with his family. All of a sudden, Captain Buckshot headed to the shotgun closet - they call it that, I guarantee it - to dispose of all the "clowns trying to break into the house and kill his family". After Bozo, It, Ronald McDonald and the rest had their fill of shells, the cops came and ruined all the fun. I would make fun of this guy (even more), but if clowns were surrounding my house I probably would've lost it too. Especially after dropping some acid.
  • "The 70s"

    These were the simpler days. Before people started worrying about condoms, lung cancer, and shaving cream. This is a clip from The Gong Show. I really don't have any more words. The visuals speak for themselves. Props TBL.

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