Monday, July 5, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/5/10

  • "Bert and Ernie"

    I hadn't watched this in a while. Made me laugh. If you don't know the song, unplug your computer and stick your pinky in socket.
  • "Hollyweerd" The ATL collective dropped their latest project - Edible Phat 2.0 - today. With guest spots from Pill, Big Pooh, Joe Scudda and others, it's guaranteed dope. If you're sleep on Hollyweerd, wake up.
  • "BMX"

    I'm no aficionado - I gave up flatland BMX after a couple weeks and rolled ankles - but I don't know how you can't appreciate the skill it takes to compete at a professional level. Above is a recap of the Nike 6.0 BCN BMX PRO. Props Hypebeast.

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