Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/6/10

  • "Illinois" The New York Times did a 3-page online spread today on how screwed my home state is. Some of the horror: Illinois' deficit ($12 billion) is more than half of its budget, the University of Illinois is missing more than 45% of its state-given appropriations, and Illinois is on the verge of essentially going bankrupt. You have to be pretty damn irresponsible to bankrupt yourself, but to bankrupt an entire state? You have to give nary a fuck. How are you short $12 billion? Where's Omar when you need him...
  • "Big Boi"

    Here's the video for Sir Luscious' "General Patton". Buy his album. Now. Props TSS.
  • "Twilight" I couldn't tell you anything about the movies, the books, the characters, the plot, the imagery, the author, the director, nothin. Nada. I don't get why Twilight is so big, but there's melodrama and vampires so I guess I just answered my own question. When the first movie came out, I told a friend that I wouldn't make it if I was forced to watch. We laughed, but shit just got real. A New Zealand man, going through a feeling of despair only inmates and people who live in Detroit must be able to understand, decided he could take no more and died in his seat. His girlfriend/little sister should be charged with capital murder. Props TSS.
  • "Vic Mensa" Brainiac Society's youngest in charge dropped his debut EP - Straight Up - last night. This is a beast, and not just b/c he's only 17. He may sound like Comeback Season-Drake, but the kid can flat out rap. So please, take the Officer Ricky off your iTunes and give Vic a chance. Props FSD.

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