Friday, July 2, 2010


If you weren't watching the Ghana-Uruguay quarterfinal this afternoon, call yourself slippin'. Uruguay's 4-3 (in penalties) win was one of the most entertaining, dramatic, nerve-racking, soul-crushing athletic competitions I have ever seen.

There's no video of it yet, unfortunately, but here's the cliffnotes: A crazy flurry at the end of extra time left Uruguay's Suarez no choice but to hand the ball away from goal, giving him a red card and the boot and giving Ghana's star striker Asamoah Gyan a chance to bury a penalty shot for the win.

He choked and sent it off the top crossbar.

Uruguay's keeper took advantage of a couple of terrible Ghanian attempts during the penalties, and the South American's move on to the semis against The Netherlands.

I'm not sure what hotel the Ghanians are staying at, but I hope that their rooms have been stripped of all bed sheets and sharp objects and moved to the ground floor. What a terrible loss.

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