Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Time

Full day of work and a 7-wing special from Harold's is preventing me from giving y'all a full post. I got a few goodies though.

Via TSS. Wrestling is still the shit. It may be fake, but you can't hate on acrobatics like this. Jerry Lawler is the greatest commentator on Earth. "OOOOOH AMAZING!!!"

Pilot Talk dropped today. You can cop at Amazon or iTunes. Support Curren$y, he's given away more music than most cats release over a lifetime.

Found this list of "50 Random Facts That Make You Wonder What In The World Has Happened To America". No, Rush Limbaugh didn't write it, although the top 10 facts sound like a conservative manifesto. Some interesting stuff in there, though. Like the fact that the government has a hilariously shady-looking page for all of us responsible citizens to donate our hard-earned money to the national debt.

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