Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plan B(oozer)

The Bulls have come to terms with former Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer on a 5-year, $80 million deal apparently. While he's not LeBron or Wade or Bosh - although he and Bosh's numbers are pretty much the same - I'm happy with the signing. Boozer is probably 6'9" in sneakers, but he can score from anywhere inside of 18 feet and knows how to run the pick-and-roll as well as any big man in the league.

I'm sure that when if LeBron snubs the Bulls on his absurd decision show tomorrow tonight, all the crybaby "fans" will call this summer a failure and drive down to D.C. with receipts trying to get Kirk Hinrich back. Those people are idiots. Instead of bitching about not getting a superstar, how about enjoying the fact that we just added an all-star power forward to a playoff team. The Bulls just got an automatic 20 and 10 guy who at least attempts to play defense for $20 million cheaper than Amar'e Stoudemire. I applaud Paxson and Reinsdorf and Gar Forman for getting this deal done.

As of now, we're looking at a starting lineup of Rose, Deng, Boozer, Noah, and hopefully either Mike Miller, Ray Allen (ha!), or Kyle Korver. I can live with that. The Bulls should win 50 games next year and get out of the first round. They only have Joakim Noah to sign next year and will still be $15 million to $20 million under the salary cap, enough to go after will-be free agents like Jason Richardson and J.R. Smith.

All the people who copped season tickets in anticipation of getting a combination of LeBron, Bosh, or Wade are probably feeling a little bit betrayed right now, but I don't consider them real fans. If you can't see the good in this Boozer signing, then you don't know basketball.


Logan said...

I gotta feeling that LeBron is going to go to New York. He couldn't handle the pressure of playing in Mike's shadow and the reality that he would never erase Jordan.

The Bulls might just wanna save their money and make a strong play at 'melo next season.

Dallas Wright said...

You think? Man that'd be a dick move if he did an hour-long show just to say "peace, Cleveland. I'm out."

and I'm sorry but I really hate the "no Bulls b/c of MJ comparisons" angle. The man is arguably the most physically dominant player since Jordan, wears number 23, and is Nike's golden child. No matter where he plays, he's gonna get compared to Mike. Just like Kobe and anybody else for the next 20-30 yrs. Playin for the Bulls maybe woulda made the comparisons harder to escape, but anywhere he goes he'll have to deal with that pressure.