Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/10/10

  • "Baseball" It's nice to have important baseball getting played in Chicago in August. The Twins and Sox play a few more series this season, but that doesn't mean these next 3 games don't matter. Defend home field.
  • "Fuckery"

    This may be the only thing I've been watching more than the 'Power' video. Many, many propers to the anonymous hero who scoped Justin Bieber with a water bottle. I didn't even know they allowed you to keep the caps at stadiums. Took some determination to get this job done, and we can all learn something from this great American: when fighting an extraordinary evil, you must take extraordinary measures.
  • "Jeff Van Gundy" LeBron probably paid him like Jim Gray to start deep-throating him and the rest of the Miami Globetrotters. Van Gundy got on ESPN Radio over the weekend - presumably after a sleepless night of PCP and absinthe - ranting and raving about how Miami will win 73 games this year. He called them "unguardable...indefensible." The Heat will be good, but to go 73-9 is unbelievably hard. You're playing against pros and you can't take a single night off for 6 months; Bosh and LeBron especially can't say they've ever done that.
  • "Oregon Trail"

    If I have any suspicions that a young lady I've just met is trying to get her Chinese gymnast on, this is my go-to age marker. "Do you remember Oregon Trail?" If she hesitates, I know. She's not 18. Oregon Trail is probably one of the few things all us late-80s/early 90s babies can relate to. It was pioneer (hiyoooo!) of pre-medical education and micro-economics. Think about that shit. Where else could you learn about dysentery and how to cure it, while gambling away your families winter clothes money at the outpost playing card games? Nowhere but the floppy disks in your 3rd grade computer class. Video via TSS.

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DSD said...

That Oregon Trail trailer had me dying.