Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/12/10

  • "Jay Electronica"

    Here's footage of Jay Elec performing "Exhibit C" in Paris. The video really speaks for itself. Dude doesn't put out a lot of music, but what he does give his fans they obsess over like the 'It's so FLUFFY' girl. Via @2DBz.
  • "Mosquitoes" I spent 11 hours outside yesterday - at both North Avenue Beach or Clarendon Park - and got absolutely destroyed by mosquitoes. Props to the Tribune for warning me after the fact.
  • "Texas" I've got to thank the state-that-thinks-it's-a-country for one of its greatest contributions to humanity: Screw music. If you're thinking Ginuwine, click the link and think again. Any of your favorite rap albums probably have been chopped and screwed by somebody, so download away, grab some couch, and zone out. My project of the year pick - K.R.I.T. Wuz Here - gets the royal treatment from Michael '5000' Watts. Click the pic for the download.
  • "Peanuts" I never really was a polo wearer, but I could make an exception for these Peanuts x Lacoste joints. They are pretty fresh. Via High Snobiety.


DSD said...

Kush and Purple Drink was also the shit

miss *kris said...

mosquitoes freaking suck!

i know how you feel. i get attacked by them all the time.

ugh. i have to put band aids on them because they swell up so big.