Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/16/10 (All-Fuckery All-Video Edition)

  • "The Boondocks"

    Here's the season finale in case, like me, you missed it last night. I really hope this stays a season finale and not a series finale. Can't wait till the DVD set drops.
  • "Fuckery"

    This may be the most reckless video ever to grace this website. I really can't say anything more about it than this: Ladies, don't take it seriously. Actually, I don't really care if you do. It's comedy. Props C Byrd.
  • "Based God"

    The greatest rapper alive aka Lil B aka Based God aka "I'm a pretty bitch" hits you with that 007 swag freestyle over B.M.F. This is why I love the internet. Word is Lil B and Eli Porter have a track in the works.
  • "Boston"

    These East Coast batie boys have been watching a little too much Scorcese. The video speaks for itself, but I wish the guy with the bat had played baseball in his life. He woulda done some serious damage then. Via TBL.
  • "Illinois"

    Tila Tequila "performed" in my state over the weekend. With her clothes on, which is red flag number one. Alcohol was also served at this performance. 0-2 count right now, not looking good for Tila. Then the bottles and HUMAN SHIT began to fly. Although I'm not really comfortable with the fact that somebody had to amass shit in the middle of a music festival, the moral fiber these great Illinoisans showed overrides that. Video via TMZ. Realness via Illinois.


DSD said...

Lmfao. That only works w/ non-gang affiliated white people. Not even one of those niggas (by niggas I mean white people) was strapped?

That was some Grand Theft Auto type shit, lol.

Dallas Wright said...

haha im sayin. it takes balls to attack random cars at 2 am. takes even more to beat the shit outta 5 ppl with a little league bat