Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/31/10 (Music Heavy x Happy Birthday Camille)

First and foremost, Happy 18th Birthday to little sis. Too bad it had to be spent in class.

I figure since President Obama finally pulled combat troops out of Iraq, I can stop being so serious all the time. I know you guys have been suffering.

  • "Big Sean" I'm not really a fan of Sean's music. I met him when he performed at NU back during freshman year though, and he is a cool guy. So I'm giving Finally Famous Vol. 3 a shot. You should too, it's free. Plus Domo will hate you if you don't. Via 2DBz. Click the pic.
  • "The Big Homie"

    GLC is another dude I got the chance to meet back in my Fake Shore Drive heyday. Besides being big as fuck, GL is a pretty funny cat. Real funny. Especially under the influence. Anyway, here's the visuals for his "Clockin Lotsa Dollars". Featuring Bun B and Sir Mix-A-Lot (yeah, that one). Via Andrew.
  • "Tennis"

    Must suck to get literally played to the left this hard. On national TV at that. Tends to happen when you face the GOAT, though. Via TBL.
  • "Jessica Alba" Remember her?

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